Help with accessing network share

I have a windows home server named HPSERVER.  I have some DVDS on the server in a folder – the share would look something like this:


I would like to access this via the Network Share Feature.  I’ve set up the login and password, and the HPSERVER shows up in the list when I go to Network Shares in the content source menu.

When I select HPSERVER, it comes back and says No Media Found.

I suspect it is looking at the root, ie \HPSERVER\ instead of the folder I want (\HPSERVER\Videos\DVDS).

I can’t find my way back to the password\ configuration screen.  Can anyone help?



To get back to the password screen, go to SETUP / NETWORK / CLEAR LOGIN INFO FOR NETWORK SHARES

Thank you, I will try this, and see if I can reset things up.

I was able to clear the password,  but I still can’t find a way to point the hub to the directory I want.  Is there a way to enter the path to the share directly?



tgr131 wrote:

… Is there a way to enter the path to the share directly?


No.  It will should list ALL Shared Folders that it has access to given whatever USER you’re using.

Since you’re not seeing ANY folders, it’s most likely that the PERMISSIONS for that folder are not set correctly.

Hah, figured it out.  The User Name is case sensitive.  When I typed it in lower case (which it is not on the server), the Hub could see the server, but no content.  When I fixed the case, it can see everything!

Now the whole reason behind this was so I could play the VideoTS folder from my ripped dvds, and get menus, but it just plays the movie.  Any suggestions?  I do have it set up as a network share, not pulling from the media server.

Thanks for all your help!


**ALL** of the DVD files need to be in a folder called VIDEO_TS  (case sensitive)

So all the VOBs, IFOs, and BUPs go in their own VIDEO_TS folder per movie.

*OR* you can use a program like IMGBURN to wrap them all up into their own ISO file so you don’t have to mess with all the folders.