HELP! Windows 8.1 cannot see laptop folders / video / photo's

Please Keep It Simple

i can send video / photos to my wd box and watch them, i can stream netflix etc  …what i cannot do is see my shared files so i can stream direct from my laptop

WD box finds my computer etc BUT if i select video or photo’s tag it show 0 new items i select  "Select Content Source Then Windows shares: … Yellow arrow swirls around for ever THEN Nothing  30 minutes later the damm thing is still swirling around !!!

There are so many confusing answers all technical …surely there is something simple im doing wrong ??

Also both usb inputs STILL do not reccognise ANYTHING Toshiba 500GB drive Toshiba 1TB Drive 4 brands of USB flash drive (reason WD replaced item)

I want a WD Cloud 2tb but am not confident with that working!! plus im told my laptop can do prety much the same

Running Standard windows 8.1 (2014 update) AMD A8 WD box has just been replaced under waranty but TBH i never knew i could play from my Laptop


What are the permissions set to the content you would like to share? Where is said content located? As a test, if you create a brand new folder in the root of your “C” drive and share it, does it show the content?