HELP! While transferring of data from PC to Drive, the pc shut down unexpectedly

Hello there! 

   So here is the problem, I was transferring data from my PC to the Drive when suddenly and unexpectdly the PC shuts down, when turning on againg the computer, many files were lost, can’t find them in the PC nor the external Drive, anyway, the thing is that now the Drive is not working anymore; it shows up in My Computer and I could access the data that was saved before (files, movies, songs, etc.)  but when copying them from the Drive to the PC and open any of those files, they seem to be broken or damaged, you know, I get this Windows error pop up message and finally everytime I try to copy or transfer any files from the PC to the external drive the whole thing crashes, frozen screen.

   I tried to formart the disc, but still the same! Someone told me to get a new SATA Box for the Drive and try it there, how could that help? I don’t really know.

   Could anyone help me please? What should I do? How can I fix this? 

   Thank you very much! 





 This could happen due to off using bad power supply medium. Try to remove some unused peripherals and then reconnect your power supply to CPU and Fans.

Check weather the fan is working properly or not, check for dust to in RAM,Mother board and try to clean them with any vaccum cleaners.

Go to Start>Control Pannel>administrative tools>event viewer to check weather your even viewer is having any information about the reboot causes or not.

Hope this helps,


ok, removing the drive out of the case voids the warranty eligibility. Just to let you know.  In other hand did you  test your drive using a different computer, change the USB cable also.