*HELP* What happened to my cloud? Noisy

Please help,

Last night my cloud nas seemingly packed in, It just started to make this very strange noise. I noticed that changing the angle of the device either stops the noise or makes it much worse.

Im guessing the device has packed in and ill have to buy a new one. Shame if thats the case because the NAS had an awful lot of stuff stored away (I know i need a RAID device now)

Please see attached clip below (Note the sound isnt that loud at first unless youve got decent speakers, but it gets loud when i tilt the NAS)


Thank you good folks of the WD community

FYI - you’re not supposed to tilt a spinning hard disk drive. Google it!

Sorry but i couldn’t really identify from the video any sound issues.
BTW, when you make videos with your phone, always rotate it to landscape. :wink:

LOL im aware of that, the HDD was already making a nasty noise, that was just me trying to replicate the noise for the purpose of the video. I dont know why the sound quality was so low in the video thus i made it slightly louder.

The disk cannot be accessed over the internet.

Lol yeah notice right at then end of the video i went landscape…I knew the error of my ways :slight_smile:

I would try to copy the data ASAP

Now, before I even look at RAID, which is redundancy, I would suggest you get proper backups.
Raid is hardware redundancy.
Backup is software, which means 2+ copies of important files at different hardware.

Just my .02…

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What exactly would you suggest?

:grinning: I would suggest you take the time to learn about it. Search for “redundancy vs backup” in the internet. Lots of info out there. It will pay long term to fully understand those, as those are very popular NAS terms in general, regardless of brand/vendor. Then make a decision based on your requirements. There is not a once-solution-fits-all, we all have different requirements.

This is one which is easy to read: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/digital-storage-basics-part-3-backup-vs-redundancy/

Another tip: Do not depend on WD’s apps. Backups can be done via multiple ways. If you learn not to depend on proprietary apps, you will be set forever regardless of what brand your NAS is. All OS systems offer a backup solution, there are also plenty options for folder sync as well. Oh yeah, also understand the difference between “folder sync vs backup”.