Help WDTV Live Hub

My WDTV live hub (model C3H)  doesn’t have as many options for connection. However it does have an optical one so I am presuming that this is the one I use to plug in to another optical port on the home theatre?  I haven’t bought the home theatre yet as I was unsure how to connect two things that both seemed to require an hdmi connection? At present I am connecting the WD live hub directly to the projector using an HDMI cable but the sound that comes with the projector is rubbish. Consequently I am having to use my lap top plugged in to the projector using an HDMI because the speaker is much better. I bought the WD live in order to do away with the laptop sitting on the arm of my sofa! The WD  hub is sitting unused next to it!

Please confirm that I will get surround sound from a home theatre if I connect to it from the hub using an optical cable? the other person who began this conversation didn’t write to say that he/she had managed to get it working with an optical cable?

My other question is: if I want to connect the laptop to the home theatre without the WD hub in the equation, how will I connect that to a home theatre? ( the projector would be connected to that with the HDMI cable) as my lap top doesn’t have an optical port just one HDMI and one VGA ? I would really appreciate your help. It has been sitting here unused since last August now!


BTW,  I live in Brazil and the home theatre I am planning on buying is a dvd and blue ray player with the surround sound speakers. Is this the same as a receiver? 

It will have these connections on it : -Video output composite. 

  • Analog Audio input (RCA)

-Digital Audio input (Optical)

  • Auxiliary audio input p3 (3.5mm)

Oh one more thing. Is there such a thing as a double HDMI plug which I could plug in to my one HDMI socket on my WD hub and in effect turn that in to two HDMI ports …one going to the projector and one going to the Home theatre? I could use that on the the WD hub and the lap top killing two birds with one stone? If this exists.

Yes you will, but depending upon what kind of Home Theatre you have. 

If it is dts certified than you are all good.

My advice would be… don’t buy some all-in-one dvd/blu-ray with speakers … very limited connections and flexability (and a waste of money in the long run if you wish to add more devices to your “Home Theatre” in the future)

spend the cash and get an AV Receiver … that way, you can plug in *Multiple Devices* and output to your projector and have Surround Sound for ALL (on the AV Receiver Remote select your device)

eg.  HDMI > Inputs …  WDTV (HDMI1)     LAPTOP (HDMI2)     BLU-RAY PLAYER (HDMI3)   … and there is HDMI4 free for something else

HDMI OUT  > Goes into your Projector  (for VIdeo)

And you will have Surround Sound for ALL devices.

Sure, it’s a bit more expensive, but so is a Projector and the Lamp Replacements  :wink: