Help WDTV Live Hub to Optoma HD141x projector


I have 20 kids coming round today to watch a movie and i may be in a bit of trouble!!

I am finding it reallydifficult to work out how to connect my new projector (Optomoa HD141x)  to the WDTV Live Hub (1TB) and get sound .

My projector has the following connections


I have a Panasonic Home theatre system with surround sound which connects directly to the projector via HDMI, i get sound and audio through the surround sound speakers, all is hunky dory.

For the WDTV Live Hub I can connect it to the Projector and get the video to display to the Projector but then i get no sound apart from the crappy onboard sound from the projector itself.

I assume i connect the WDTV Live HUb to the  Home Theatre somehow but i dont seem to be able to find a solution

Here is what i have tried so far:

HDMI from WDTV to Projector

RCA (audio Left and Right) to Panasonic

HDMI from WDTV to Projector

Optical from WDTV to Panasonic

Neither have worked…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Here are the connections on the back of each unit if it helps at all!!



anyone??? pleaseeeeeeeee

managed to sort it.

Apologies, and just in time too

RCA cable from WDTV to Panasonic Home Theatre

HDMI direct from WDTV to Projector

All working!! 

RCA is only Stereo  (Left and Right) 

HDMI direct from WDTV to Projector    (which is fine)


WDTV Live Hub Optical Out (Toslink Cable) to Optical Input on Panasonic Audio Reciever

Then on the WDTV Live Hub … dive into the settings

Setup > Audio/Video Ouput > Audio Ouput > Pass-Through for Optical

(tick “capable reciever” options for Dolby Digital and DTS)

and you will have 5.1 Surround Sound  :smiley:

here’s an “example” of a Audio Config Screen (this is HDMI manual setup … but, Optical Setup looks the same)

tied this before and just now again using an old Toslink cable, it didnt work.

Maybe the cable is busted, ill have to purchase another.

Thanks for the advice!

when you plug the Toslink cable into the Live Hub (when it’s switched ON)

you should see a RED LED light shining out of the other end of the Toslink cable

Which means it’s OK

If no red light is shining out of the other end … then it’s stuffed

Hey you can try these options for connecting your projector to the wdtv these are

1-Connect one end of the HDMI link to the WD TV Live’s HDMI yield and after that

2-Connect the opposite end of the HDMI link to the projector’s HDMI input and after that

3-Turn on the projector and WD TV Live to test the association.

Also if your problem doesn’t get resolve then you can try this guide for more information.