HELP --- WDSS' admin page was taken over and SSH was blocked


I got WDSS with SSH enabled. I did NAT on WDSS hence the admin page can be opened from the internet. And now, it seems somebody hacked my WDSS and these are the problem:

a. The admin page is taken over, and it display:

     This site is running  TeamViewer.
     Free Port 80 for other applications in advanced settings.

b.  And worst, the SSH connection is now blocked and refused.

And hence I can not take any control to the machine. I already removed the NAT in router to stop WAN connection.

Current status:

a. The media server still works

b. Network shares got problem

Any help to take over the machine or to reset? Any help to remove the file from the disk?



You may try connecting the WDSS directly to the computer, by ethernet, then reset it by holding its reset button for 20 seconds, which is located next to the power port.  It may also be necesarry to restart the computer.  

It turned out that it was not the problem with WDSS, but rather the router where the WDSS is attached. The SSH connection was intermittently refused. I found out the issue after evaluating the system log which showed that NIC 1 link was down several time.

I move the WDSS to new ethernet switch, and now it is more stable.