Help ! WD6401AALS

I just bought a new Cariar black 640gb, and when I fdisk it I found that there is only 96,398mb (~ 94gb) for me to patition with. I’m using a Asus M4A44TD mobo ( with “LBA” enabled) and boot up the rig with a “window me” boot disk. It it the reason that cuased the problem??

How to fix it?? Please help!!

Waiting online…



Are you sure to run your 640GB HD with “Windows ME”? :wink:

Not run with “Window Me”, Just use the “Window me” Boot disk to boot up the new set and fdisk the HDD.

Windows ME does not support 48-bit LBA.

You may need to refer to

“…Operating systems that do not have 48-bit LBA support enabled by default (such as Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), or Windows 2000) that are installed on a partition that spans beyond the 28-bit LBA boundary (137GB) will experience data corruption or data loss…”

Unfortunately, FDISK, the tool for partitioning a hard drive with Windows 98 or Me does not support 48-bit LBA. Therefore, you must use a 3rd party partition utility to partition the hard drive…

Thank you for the advice.  I didn’t install the OS yet but just patition the new HDD to install the OS.

However, thank you for your kindness.

Can any one help?!

BTW, Which of the “” S/W is free and can be used in this case?? Thanks.

if Fdisk reports 94gb max, then you could just make several 94gb partitions. If you’re using an older format utility, it’s going to have limitations with new hardware. you could just make several 94gb partitions and try using an older OS with it.