[help] WD1002FAEX - C7 warning from HD Tune

Hi folks, I have 1TB WD1002FAEX - 00Y9AO (Black Caviar) and i get warning from HD Tune. This is the report:

(C7) Ultra DMA CRC Error Count

Current: 200

Worst: 200

Threshold: 0

Data: 15923

Status: Warning

When i tested with “Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics” everything seems to be fine… SMART and Extended test passed “OK”. I am wondering is this warning from HD Tune is really bad one and i must replace this hard drive with new one, or everything is fine with him?

Thanks for reading me


Hi that error is normally associated with a bad cable or connection to the drive. Try changing the sata cable and see if it continues to go up if not that is what the problem was. I know one of my drives I noticed had 10 crc error count but after changing the cable it never went past 10.

Yes… i changed the SATA cable and the data count on “C7” is still on the same value (15923).

The value is also the same when the hard drive was connect on two other configuration.

any other idea…  :neutral_face:

Hi if the error count does not get bigger after you have changed the cable that is what the problem was. And it should be fine give it a few days to see if it increases or stays the same.

here is the test result:


everything he said is solid advice.

i’d keep an eye on 01, C8 and C7

1 and 8 show some erorrs during transfer too

so you wanna see if its the cable causing the issue before you do anything else.

if you are confident that the cable is good and the values keep increasing

THEN you may want to look into another drive etc.

Last month i noticed a problem with a Maxtor hard drive with the same problem.

And after changing the rounded ide cable to a flat cable the problem went away.

so check your sata connectors closely and make sure there is no dirt in there etc

if you have other cables try them out too

Does your cable have two little bumps on the connector so it locks into place ?

Some cable have those ans some don’t i think.

Since that is only errors in your picture i wouldn’t be too worried yet.

Cables are cheaper than a new drive :wink:


Thanks for your opinion… i’ll keep an eye on 01, C8 and C7.

Here is some test’s which i made earlier last month and these days and you can see that the values are increasing! Also i want to mention that i changed a couple of SATA cables and also i put the drive on other configuration and the values are still there. The motherboard is clean as a glass. No dirt inside every configuration and no damage on the connectors. Other driver didn’t have problems on the same connector’s. Only this one.

I know it is cheaper to change the cable’s but nothing is changing after all. Should i return this drive to the market and get a new one or everything is fine with him? The drive is one year old and i have warranty untill 2016.

Here is the test:

Date: 18 october 2012 -->>


Date: 14 november 2012 -->>

Date: 16 november 2012 -->>

we do a lot the same… my board is squeeky clean too.

when this problem started for me more than once it was after cleaning my pc

in other words after i was screwing with cables and cleaning the mobo etc.

my Maxtor drive is old but i noticed the problem a LONG time ago and changed the cable.

And the value you mentioned did not increase for me for a very long time… since then

i had cleaned the pc many times and changed cables… Then it happened again

and i noticed it stopped again after getting rid of the rounded cables i have…

They are not very durable lol

I hope you understand what the other guy and I were trying to tell you.

The value in C7 is a log value and will never decrease. for the rest of the drives

life it will remain at that value (or higher) Also i didn’t mean to be condescending at all

about th ecables comments being cheaper its just that if you roll the dice you never know

what your going to get… I just RMA’d the drive model in my user name and

i received the exact same drive you have in replacement from WD “recertified”.

My point is that i have done a lot of digging on the green and black drives and if you

also look around here you will find people HAVE received replacement drives that were

bad also and they had to RMA the RMA drive. Google for the drive on Newegg for example

and read teh feedback pages on this exact drive. thats what i did when i knew what i was getting back.

I would advise anyone to avoid doing an RMA as much as possible unless confident its bad.

And this has nothing to do with WD i would say the same about any computer parts company.

So every picture you posted shows the same C7 value. To me i see evidence of a transfer error

most likely from a sketchy cable connection *at some point. I wouldn’t care if it was me unless

the value 15923 got any higher. and you said it has already but i don’t see it in your pictures etc

and you *may have already fixed the problem if you already reconnected the cables etc ?

Of course my opinion only, but i would hold off if i were you. consider that if it really is a connection issue

and you do an RMA then you will have a new drive with the same problems.


Yes… i understand everything… and the message from other guy before. :wink:

So… if i’m going to follow your last opinion, is this an old drive which doesn’t needed to be sold and also to use as RMA?

I will not use RMA for now but i will keep on eye the situation. I have some important works and files (documents) on my drive so i want to be calm from technical side of my hardware… if you know what i mean… :wink:

Here is the test from [GSmartControl] which gives also valuable information about hard drives. I’ll wait as i said earlier but im worried about the drive. :confounded:

Hi you should never take the chance of having your files backed up to one drive only, any drive can fail at any time. If you get error reports on a drive make sure you backup your files to a different drive until you make sure that the drive with the error was confined to the  sata cable only.


Thanks for your opinion but now i need an advice from technical point of view… :wink:

So… if anyone knows what thеsе test’s means, please give you opinion.



Hi this page lists all the smart data values and what they are for. http://www.hdsentinel.com/smart/smartattr.php  Also try different test program like HD Sentinel I have had hd tune report stuff that was just not there. 


Second time… please leave space someone else to give an opinion from technical side. You are going in circle all the time. I have your opinion from earlier and thank you for that… now give some space for other’s to say what they have about my drive.

The test’s are on the 1’st page so please look them carefull, read all the values and give an opinion from technical point of view - is this drive good or bad?

Am i clear now? :confounded:

Hi no need to be ignorant with me, you asked I told you you did not like my answer so carry on.


Third time… i asked you to stop go in circle and telling me about cable’s and making backup. Stop writing about that!!! :angry:

I have your opinion earlier and that’s it… leave space for the others and for me to carry on.

Please, if anyone know to read the test’s from technical point of view give me your advice. Is this hard drive good or bad? And i want technical explanation… not writing about cables, connector’s, etc, etc… everything is done with that. The drive gives same result’s on other configuraion and the values on other parameters are increasing from time to time.

Thanks for understanding me… i hope so,


His last advice makes sense other than that i hate to say it but i don’t think anyone

has anymore advice for you… from here on i have no i idea what more you can do…

other than maybe contact technical support and ask them for advice ?

i doubt anyone else is going to offer any more advice than what you got already.

Good luck Jack