Help WD TVLive Windows Share problem

I am at my wits end, I’m running windows 7 on tower pc I have a seperate drive with all my meadia on, I can see the WD TVLive on the netowrk but when I try to access from the wd remote secting windows share all I see is a red cross on the screen.

I’m about to return this unit to the shop if I can’t get it to work, I must have spent a whole day walking from room to room I think I need a new carpet.

Please help.


Taking it back to the shop for a full refund, what a piece of junk.

Dependiing on the firmware version in your hub, windows shares access success varied greatly.  Before version 3.05.10 I had trouble getting access to windows shares on a regular basis.  If you haven’t taken it back yet, you may want to check and or update the firmware version.

3.05.10 finally got windows shares stable. Now it doesn’t matter when or in what order the devices come on the network. Earlier versions seemed to need the network (and servers, if you use any) to be running before the WD hub was turned on.

There is also a network discovery tool (software) that may help.  See this link for one of the tools that could help.

Network discovery has been one of  the hubs main issues in my experience and it never got fully resolved until version 3.05.10 of the hub firmware.  Usually, on older versions of FW, I could connect intermittently or not at all without a lot of fussing around and starting my network over. 

I’ve used the hub for over 2 years now and there is nothing that works nearly as well or has the amazing themer support (for those great looking moviesheets).  Hang in there through a couple of rough spots and you will really be happy with the results.

Best of luck,


Here is a link to the western digital network discovery tool (called WD Link Software).  I’ve used it and it works great.  Also note – your WD Hub will appear active to the network even when the power light is off (it is just in stand-by).