Help wd TV?

Hi new here and I must say that it looks good>

can I ask for help I plug red white and yellow into my TV and get nothing at all I don’t know what to try next I have used other cables  and a another TV . My WD TV is not new and serial does not seem to mach ones posted here WDBAAPOOOONBK-01 any help would be good


Your box might be set to the wrong mode (NTSC vs PAL). If you press and hold down the reset button on the WD box for at least 10 seconds that will toggle the output between NTSC and PAL. (If you press the reset button for less than 10 seconds it just resets). Try holding the reset button down for over 10 seconds and see if that fixes the problem.

If that doesn’t work, the box is probably broken.

You HAVE to use the cable provided. You also HAVE to switch your TV to the source input that you connected the cable into.


@Scandy your suggestion is also good. However my experience with incorrect NTSC/PAL settings on a composite input (the OP said they are using R/W/Y cable) is you just get a scrambled display.

Also, make sure that the composite cable plug is fully inserted into the WD box.

parnott100, you are right generally speaking, but some TVs will blank the output when a non-compatible signal is applied.

@Scandy- Interesting and good to know. I guess I have just got used to making sure the signalling is compatible because I have lived in both PAL and NTSC regions.

Thanks for quick reply

If I need a WD cable any idea where I can buy one?


If you no longer have the cables that came with your unit (one R/W/Y for composite video/audio the other  R/G/B for component video) then you need to contact WD.

parnott100 is right…to get a replacement cable you have to contact WD support.

WD Support

If you have the component cable that came with the WD box, you can substitute the component video cable for the composite video cable like this:

YELLOW on composite cable is the same as GREEN on component cable.

WHITE is the same as BLUE.

RED is the same as RED.

Thanks for all the help got it going ,the tv would only except input through scart not in front panel

thanks again


I was just bequeathed a Seagate FreeAgent 1.5 TB AC-powered USB drive. On this drive alone, only some of the movie artwork loads. Second and more frustratingproblem: On the same drive, and solely the same druve, the WDTV only plays the files on which the movie artwork is displayed. On files sans artwork I get a message saying “Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the manual…supported file format.” These are all working .avi [supported format] files, I know the artwork is there for most of the files (I connected the drive to my MacBook Pro with Perian and I can see the .avi file and the corresponding JPEg) and I’ve never had an issue playing files without artwork before, they work fine on my other drive. I’ve restarted the player, reset it to system defaults, ejected and then reconnected the drive…nothing changes. Any help is MUCH appreciated!




more help needed updating firmware progress bar stuck on 0 for a day can’t get out of this

any help please