Help wd tv media player generation posters

hello to the community, I have the wd tv media player 4th generation, lately is giving me problems to the poster of the film, I found the information but not the cover image and preview images (with some movie posters and plot puts), the shows in black, please let you help me? I hope that there are no mistakes because I’m writing with google translator thanks

Same problem here.  I haven’t changed anything, but for movies added to my collection in the past week, I do not get any images - no metathumbs, no backdrops.  And the problem affects both my WDTV (4th gen) and my WDTV Live (3rd gen).  Both on current firmware.

read this thread …

it appears to be an issue with TMDB

thanks, but nothing useful to solve this problem, I wonder if there is a method by wd tv to use other databes I am Newbie and I do not mean to, but they are forced to use TMDB?

use a 3rd party PC based media scraper then  :neutral_face:   … eg. Thumbgen, WDTVHubGen etc …

heck, for my old WDTV Live Hub … i use XBMC (Kodi) to scrape (then export metadata) , then use Thumbgen  and import the XBMC metadata and convert it to WDTV compatible Metadata (sounds complicated, but it is’nt :smiley: ) … and it’s all “Automatic”