Help! WD TV Live won't turn on at all!

Sup folks,

Having a hard time with my joy, it won’t turn on at all. I had it connected to my LCD, and now it won’t turn on at all. Last time it was used was Super Bowl Sunday and hadn’t tried using at all until this evening. I unhooked it from the LCD and tried hooking it up to my Plasma and nothing, no lights…Help, I’m thinking the power wire might be out, but it’s only 7 months old. If someone can point me in any direction I would greatly apperciate it!

Thanks for your time,


Hi there… If it doesn’t turn on, then well… It can be the power or the media player, do you have a spare power adapter for the media player?

When pressing the power button on the remote, just press quickly then release the button. The media player should then start immediately. I’ve found that holding down the power button too long will cause t to turn off just as it begins to start.