Help! WD Smartware just keeps loading to Select backup source and backup target

My Book Essential 2TB WD Smartware just keeps loading to the Select Backup Source and Backup Target. It will not go to the Home page. I have gone thru this process several times, the HD has done a back up successfully, I can access the hard drive and see all the backup files and even move them around if needed. I have uninstalled the WD Smartware and reinstalled it. Its up to date. And when I try to load the VCD, it begins doing whatever it does and then disappears with no desktop shortcut and nothing in my Programs. 

 Side note, it is now plugged into a new internal hard drive in the desktop with a fresh install of Windows 7. There is no clutter, maleware or virus’.

 Thank you in advance for any assistance.

 Im so close to just throwing this thing out the window~~


Hi, can you share the My Book model#? If you have one of the older models that come with the VCD, you can try downloading the latest Smartware version. 

Smartware 2.4.0

For the installation steps check page 22 of the manual for more information.

Hello Ichigo,

 The P/N is WDBAAF0020HBK-0 

 I have tried the VCD and it just begins set up and completely disappears from my screen in about 5 seconds. Asks me to do a full power cycle on the HD, which Ive done several times and Im back where I started. Smartware continues asking for set up and back up. I cannot get to the Home page with the tabs.

 I will try the links you provided and get back to you. 

 Thank you in advance.

Hi Ichigo,

 I followed both of the links, did the updates and followed the manual, which I still have and still have the same resullt. The software will not go to its main page with the tabs. It just continues to want to “pick” the external device and set the back up. 

Hi again, for this case I recommend you to write or call tech support directly.

Thanks again. I am waiting for the phone call. :)