HELP! wd smartware "files failed to retrieve"


I am not usually good at this but I did buy my “My Book” because is came with backup/retrieve s/w. I have not yet managed to retrieve a single file as a test so feel my backups are worthless.

I get a massage with says “Failed to find metadata for file C:\ blah blah!”

I have downloaded the most recent s/w - where do I go next?

Apparently there has been an issue with the Backup, Verify if you can browse to the back up folder manually and open My Computer > WD Smartware > WD Smartware.swtor

Hi, thanks for your response.

The fils is backed up ok because I can browse/search the disk and get it back. This isn’t really a great solution because the kit belongs to a mate and she really needs a nice gui to help with recovery.

I have never managed to get a file to retrieve… is there a different product that I should think about? (Software wie I mean?)

Thanks again.

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