HELP WD Passport 1TB not working AT ALL

hey guys, i just dropped my WD Passport 1TB from my  desk which is around half metre above the floor and my floor is carpetted. it was plugged in when i dropped it (i accidentally pulled my laptop and the passport got plugged out and fell).

i plugged it into my laptop afterwards and it’s not working AT ALL! it doesnt show up in my computer, disk manager, device manager. the white light is on, but it’s not blinking. it doesnt make any sound and i cant feel anything when i touched it. i tried it on my PC and the same thing happened. i used the WD program (WinDlg)  to detect any problems, but it doesnt even show up on the list of hard drives!

please help me guys! i have so many important files inside!


The drive is probably dead. Maybe professional data recovery could do something.


Ouch, as Joe suggested, try a data recovery company.

WD recommend few:

i just jumped my drive by connecting the usb and tapping until i began to here a sliding sound and it eventually started im transfering my files to my 400 gb seagate drive … nothing beats a failure but a try…

in your case heads probably jumped on the platters when drive came to a full stop. Heads will hold the platters like “brakes on the car” so to speak. It is not a hard repair, and most likely all the data can be recovered. it comes down do peace of mind really. can you afford to lose these files due to your unsuccessful attempt of recovery? If the answer is no - then find a specialist.