Help! WD My Passport SE 750 is not recognized from time to time

Hi there Guys! The reason of this message is to tell you that I have a WD My Passport SE Essential Edition 750 gb USB 2.0

I been connecting the hard drive in a lot of computers -mac and pc notebooks and desktops- and WD Live and used to work alright.

Now from time to time is not recognized from the same computers I used to connect it. When i connect it to the WD Live and some of the computers it starts to make a “clicking” sound, flashing the light but it wouldnt starts up. Today i tried in 3 different computers and it didint work properly

Then other times it works just fine and then again the problem starts all over again. The usb cable is brand new since the original one was lost and WD sent me a replacement 1 month ago . 

What should i do? Since i dont want to have all my data deleted from the drive.

The drive is still under warranty til february.

Should I take it to WD to have the drive checked  or asking for a replacement?

Im a little bit worried of losing the data.

Thanks a lot.


how long is the data cable?  if it’s more than 18 inches, you are experiencing a power problem.  that would explain the intermittent connections.  also, you may want to watch out for corruption if it’s a power issue.  also, low power can cause it to make the clicking sound.

Is the regular 18 inches cable. Still not working with some computers and WD Live