Help! wd my book for mac

I recently purchased my mac and a wd my book for mac 1 tb memory . I also have wndows xp p.c .  I downloaded all my important files from the windows pc. to the external hard drive  but now i can not get this thing to let me transfer my files from it to the mac… why? what did i do wrong? is it cause its windows? and mac does not do windows? I just want to pull up the pictures and videos of my kids. someone help me…

There are couple of things you need to know:

Were you successfully copy files, pictures, videos from the windows XP machine to the WD external drive?

Have you play them back using windows XP machine? OK, or Not?

What error message did you get when trying to copy files to the Mac computer?

Can you check the file system for this WD external drive from Disk Utility on Mac computer?

Keep the WD external drive plug in.

From the Apple drop down menu click on “Go”


“Disk Utilities”

highlight the WD My Book drive

on the bottom right look for Partition Map Scheme

Does it say :GUID Partition Table or MBR.

If it says MBR then the file size limit is set to 4GB limit per file.

If one of your file is larger than 4GB that is the cause of the error.

You can only import or copy file smaller than 4GB in size each. 

You can copy as many files but each must be smaller than 4GB per file.