HELP: WD Live TV Won't Connect to Macbook Pro

I just bought the WD Live TV so i could stream the movies I have on my Macbook to my tv but it won’t connect and frustration is building. When i go to Video’s, I go to source, then Network shares, then my Macbook is there. It asks for a username and password so I’ve enterned the Username on teh account of the macbook I want to share and the password and hit ok. Then it tried to connect and I get the same message every time, “Unable to connect to selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and availible for sharing”. But my file sharing is turned on from the macbook in SMB and AFP. Please someone help. PLEASE.

first off - I’m not mac expert, actually a strictly stay away from anything apple

but about a year ago, there was a big deal about apple, changed the samba code used on apple products

which I never understood why, I basically makes it incompatible with anything non-apple

I’d recommend trying to switch to NFS

here’s a quick google reference regarding mac samba

I don’t know how to switch to an NFS.

there is a still a chance to get samba working, check the normal things, like workgroup name, and permissions

as for NFS, I don’t know what mac users do

windows you could use Hanewin or FreeNFS

but I’m not sure if there are mac versions of those programs