HELP - WD just became "read only"?

Accidentally disconnected WD (2TB) from iMac (high Sierra 10.13) without “ejecting”.

Have reconnected and restarted both, but now get error message saying My Book Studio is “read only”. Can’t find anyway to solve this myself. Urgently need solution to this, so any advice very much appreciated.

Hello, tonycastro

Try to check the file system of the drive, If the drive’s file system seems to be NTFS well change the file system of the drive to HFS+j or exFAT, you can follow the given article in order to format the drive.

Hi Rocky,

Info dialogue box says format is Mac OS extended - nothing about NTFS. I’m loathe to erase the disc until I’m absolutely sure there is no other option, as it is my only external back up. I don’t get why it was working fine anbd now it isn’t. Nothing’s changed, except my disconnecting incorrectly. Any thoughts?