Help w/ Plex Media Server!

Hey guys

I just bought a new WD TV Live.  I updated to the latest firmware, and I have Plex Media Server running on my PC.  I can connect fine to it in WD TV Live as a Media Server, but I can’t see any music or movies!  I can see them in my media manager on my PC, but not in WD TV Live.  

I’ve tried just going to the Files and Videos sections as well as Music.  Nothing shows up…

I also have Windows Media Player setup and I’m able to see the videos on there fine.  However, I’d much rather have Plex, especially because WMP won’t show mkv’s to WD TV Live.

Anyone have any ideas or know where a guide to set this up is?  Any help would be sooooo much appreciated!  Everywhere I’ve looked on the internet people have different problems but always say they were able to immediately watch videos from Plex with no extra work.  Please help!  And thanks!

Do you have any other device from where you can access the Plex Media Server?

I am having the same issue except that I was using it fine for a few months and then it just stopped working. I am able to access the server from my tablet, my phone, and two other computers in the house just not the wdtv live. As I stated it was working fine then just disappeared. I reset the wdtv and reconfigured everything and still does not work. Ant help is appreciated.

As an alternative, try  PS3 Media Server  Just install it and to configure almost not necessary.