Help: Video Folder Sort Order

Hi, all help appreciated, apologies if this is answered somewhere, but I’ve just spent a good hour trawling the forum and couldnt find a definitive answer.

I have WD TV Live (3gen). I did have an older one and thought I’d get a new one and hand-on the older one (I’m nice like that). Except I’m really frustrated.

All I want to do, I list the videos I add (stored on a external USB 2 TB HDD) by date added, so i can always see the most recently added videos at the top (or bottom, don’t care) just grouped together. The previous version of the WD TV Live had a separate menu path for recently added video, and I cannot at all see how I can do it on this version.

I might add 5 or 6 movies at a time, and watch them over a fornight or so, which means I constantly have to remember which movies I have added and then find them in the list.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing, as I am convinced I must have missed something. I can’t believe that a new product will not allow me to sort the media contents of a USB hard drive i other order than alphabetically.

Help and guidance appreciated.


There’s several different sort options accessible via the green button.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

So media library has to be on then? I disabled it because I was one of the many where the ‘Compiling media library’ continues endlessly. I have a 2TB NTFS formatted mains powered USB hard drive locally connected. I’ve cleared the media library, deleted all wdtv folders. Power cycled WD TV Live and Hard Drive, have the latest firmware… and the compiling media library message is never ending.

I am sure I saw some whilsy ago that there are issues with media library and NTFS, but not sure. However, I have close to 1.5TB of data on the HDD which means converting to FAT32 would require a real mess around of copying and formatting and copying back. Also,I have some very large files for particularly movies that are HD, and FAT32 wouldn’t be able to support them.

Ah well, that’s disappointing if it really is an issue associated with NTFS, that the firmware releases haven’t addressed it, but if i’m missing something, would be happy for anyone to guide me.

There’s no issues with Media Library and NTFS specifically…   Pretty much every external HD is NTFS (flash memory “sticks” are usually the only thing one sees with FAT32 format).  And the internal HD on the WDTV Live Hub (which uses the same Media Library system) is also NTFS.

At one point early on, I compiled a media library consisting of 16 TB worth of NAS plus 4 external USB HDs simultaneously.  It took about 5-6 hours to complete the process the first time.

After that, reboots only take about 4-5 minutes to do the rescan, if that.

I have no idea why some people have the “Neverending Compile” issue and others don’t…

My guess is that there’s some file or set of files that the media compiler freezes up on.

One way to test for that is to “Hide” the majority of folders on the disk (by preceding their names with a single dot (.) such as 

.My Movies 

…and the WDTV won’t see them or their contents.

Do that until you can narrow down which folder contains the “bad” files.

That’s the only advice I can offer on that front…