Help using SQlite to generate printable index


I want to print a simple index of my movies including their Date and Genre. Other categories like main actors could be useful, however that’s not vital.

About 18 months ago I learned of SQlite from this forum, and tried it but couldn’t understand how to get further than a simple alpha list. That wasn’t a problem at the time as I didn’t have too many films anyway, however my library is now in the hundreds and a printed index would at times be a great help indeed!

So I have gone back to SQlite, but am still stuck!

It reads the external drive with the films and the WDTV folder on it just fine, and I can get to a point where it is ready to print the alpha index and is asking for me to instruct on any other categories I want included, but I don’t know the language/instruction it is waiting for to do that.

It looks like this is the last move before it would then print off just what I want, but I can’t get past this final step.

Can someone more knowledgeable than I tell me what I need to do so that it knows to insert date and genre too, which I suppose could then be applied to other categories as well?

Alternatively let me know if there is now an easier/better way, or a different programme that is clearer to use?

I would be very grateful, thanks!

Hi, I have never tried this so I would not be able to help, hopefully another will be able to provide some information or insight.

Thank you Lluna. I have no experience at all of building a database to print-out, which is all that this task amounts to I suppose … selectively putting library data in to a desired row&column configuration.

I was surprised that it wasn’t an inbuilt option, however I understand that at least it is do-able if you know how …

Thanks again