Help: updated to "smart"ware 1.6 & NOW cant connect to the MBLD

Tonight I got a message asking if I wanted to update my "Smart"ware to version 1.6 so I did.   This created more problems with this equipment.

  1. Now I cant connect to my My Book Live Duo through Windows Explorer or through my Browser and when I use the "Smart"ware I keep getting a mesage asking if I want to update the Smartware which I already did.

  2. My Smartware does not show the MLBD and the Backup or Retrieve Tabs are grayed out.

Also, when I click on Quickview and when my computer starts up I get a Box entitled WD Drive Manager that says " The application has encountered an unexpected error and is now exiting"

Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do???   Sure would appreciate it.  Thanks.

I am not entirely sure, but I think I might have resolved this issue.   Immeidatelly after I updated the "smart"ware, two PCs in my house could not connect to the drive.    Not being able to connect, there was no way to “safely” reboot the MBLD.  So finally, although the manual says never to do it, I pulled out the pug from the drive and rebotted that way.  The goods news is that my PCs now seem to be connecting to the MBLD.  

Western Digital should clearly indicate what to do in these cases – is it a matter of always pulling the plug on the MBLD when all else fails to reboot it?

I will still check to see how things are working and post what I find.  One thing that is still mysterious is that after UPDATING the "smart"ware to version 1.6, I still get these dialogue boxes that ask me if I want to Update.  This hapeens so consistently everytime I open the software up tht I once Yes.  Then it told me that in fact the softrware was already updated – only to be followed by another question of whether I want my software updated the next time I opened it.  Does anyone have any idea on how to stop it so the "smart"ware has a clue that is asking a moot question?

Looks like the issue with Smarware saying it was not up to date was an issue with our update server. This should be fixed now.