Help update mycloud firmware ..... Help

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to update the firmware of my new mycloud 2Tb to the latest version to fix bugs (firmware 2.x).
After downloading the file from the repository and saved on the desk as indicated in the guide, I find a file with the extension .bin
At this point the instructions say to unzip it and save the unzipped file on the desk and then upload it to mycloud. I can not in any way unpack that file. Does anyone know any software that can do it? Am I wrong in some passage ??
Thank you!

If the file extension is already BIN (v2.x newer second gen single bay My Cloud) or DEB (v4.x older first gen single bay My Cloud) then there is no need to unzip/extract it. Just use the Manual Update from the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware page to upload the DEB or BIN file to the single bay My Cloud…

The My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Check for Update button can automatically update the firmware without the need for the user to manually download the file.