Help understanding dlna...surround sound

Hi all.

I would really appreciate some hep and guidance here if anyone would be so kind.

I currently have a 4tb my cloud with all my movies etc on it. It works fine and can play all files to my cpu and to my old tv through a wdtv box.

I am thinking of upgrading to a new tv and a home cinema system. 

TV wise I’m looking at a Sony Bravia KDL42w829. It seems to do a decent job reviews wise.

I am also going to add a home cinema setup as well. Thinking about the


Samsung HT-F6550W 


My biggest concern is after spending a lot of cash, will the films etc on the MyCloud play through the home cinema set up in 5.1 or not. 

The Mycloud will be my main viewing if im honest so its no good spending lots on the home cinema if it wont play the audio from the files on the nas.


Any help would be appreciated.

(I have emailed Samsung and they suggest asking a shop to test it. unlikely as the only source for the samsung model is Germany and I’m in the UK!!!)


I use the WT Mycloud to stream .m4v files (AppleTV container) with a double audio track (stereo AAC and Dolby AC3 5.1). The key here is the support on your DLNA client (your TV or computer).