Help - Unallocated Drive


I have a 2TB WD External Harddrive. It has stopped working and I need all of the files on it. 

In the computer management Disk Management section of my laptop it shows the External Hard Drive but it says it is unallocated and has 2TB free disk space. Once connected to power the blue light blinks on and off at the same rate and the hard drive spins. After about 30 seconds the drive seems to stop spinning.

I opened a case on the WD portal 2 days ago but have not had any reply as of yet even though they say it will only take 24 hours for a reply.

Any help is much appreciated.

your hard drive is still in the original USB enclosure? what was it formatted to? NTFS or HFS?

Yes the hard drive is still in the original enclosure. It was formatted to NTFS i am 99% sure