Help! trouble with pictures


I apologize if this is a really obvious question but I dont understand.

I just put about 8 JPG pictures onto my hub and when i go into pictures no thumbnails come up, and when i click on one i get "Unable to play the selected file. please see the user manual for a list of supported file formats…

This is the first time i’ve put any pictures on it.

Now i’m assuming that the HUB can display a JPG…

What am i missing?



Hum… now when i go to the view where it should turn the background to screenshots move my movies nothing is happening… its just keeping my background the same… I was just playing around with changing the themes and backgrounds… but i just did it from downloads through my WDTV i didn’t change anything fancy…



I think I might need to defrag the hard drive that i’ve been re-using to put movies on my hub.  I used a flash stick this time and they worked fine… I didn’t do anything to the files… hum…

*case closed