Help transitioning to iMac from XP

What do I need to do to get a new iMac to recognize/use my PC (XP) Anywhere Backup (Version 3.00.3112)?  Would like to use it to transfer my PC files to the new iMac.

Then, can I use my WD Anywhere Backup to backup my iMac?

Is there any WD customer Service that I can call?

Will greatly appreciate any assistance.  Thanks.

Hi abqhudson, you can contact WD support directly by phone or email.

You can also follow the links below for the instructions on how to format your drive to make it compatible with Windows and Mac’s and then use Anywhere backup to backup your files. Note that formatting your hard drive will delete all the files.

How to format a WD external hard drive in exFAT or FAT32 (to use in Windows or Mac OSX)

How to set up a backup with WD Anywhere Backup on a computer

Will this work: 

1.  Format my Anywhere Backup drive to FAT32 on an iMAC

2.  Backup my Windows XP computer with this reformatted drive - can my xp backup to a WD Anyhwere Backup formatted to Fat32?

Use this new backup to transfer files to my new iMAC.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.