Help transferring movie files to external hdd to be compatible with WD TV Live HD


I need your help please! As I am new to doing this stuff.

I am using DVDFab to do compies of my dvds. I am placing those on the temp file and then burning them into blank dvds

I recently purchased a WD TV Live HD and an external hard drive. I did as I always do I did the copy onto the temp file on my PC then folder that has the name of the movie in this case Machete (has inside the video & audio). I dragged this into the external drive. When I connected the external drive to the WD TV it had like five video files of the partial movie (all the same thing).

Does any one know how to do this to worl with the WD TV Live HD?

I will greatly appreciate your assistance

It’s normal for there to be MANY files if you’re only creating “VOBs.”

The important thing is that they’re all in a folder called “VIDEO_TS”

So, it’d be

Machete / VIDEO_TS / files…

My friend I cannot understand what you are trying to do but I will give you some clues …!!

If you have a private network for example a router at home you can connect the WD Live with the external drive on your network and drag drop items/files from your PC to your Share Drive on WD Live.! Much easier and more effective.

Why do you use DVDfab??? You are doing ripping ??? You should download a mkv file to play on your WD player to see some power…!!

What do you want to do??? Please explain.!