Help transferring already formatted HDD's to another NAS

My current DL2100 which I have had for over 2years now has died, the unit won’t turn on. I went ahead & brought another DL2100 & put the HDD’s in & hoped it would be like the old where I could just access my stuff as if it were the orig nas.

But when I insert the drives in same slots, the two HDD Lights become solid blue, but the on/off blue light just slowly flashes on/off. Finally after 15+mins the two hdd lights turn solid red. I then tried accessing the dashboard through my web browser but it comes up with the choose language page & accept terms & conditions tick box etc.

I don’t won’t to go further as it might try & format my drives & I’ll loose my data.

Shouldn’t I be able to just put the drives in a different model & access them like I normally would?

I tried swapping drives & that follows similar but hdd lights to turn red within only 5mins.

Please help.

The drives need to be introduced to the enclosure.
Please choose a language and continue into the dashboard and follow any instructions on the screen.

Will my data be kept if I choose a language & proceed to dashboard? Just want to make sure I don’t loose 6TB of stuff.


Can someone else confirm my data won’t be lost at all in choosing the language & accepting terms & conditions.