Help to setup MyBookWorld Ed Network Drive


I am trying to setup my WD network drive so my music-files is working with my Sonos-system. I got a Linksys WirelessG hooked up next to the WD. Using windows vista.

When I go to MyComputer I see  forlders - some light up in green and some with a giant red cross. I dropped some music files into SharedFiles - but I cant figure out how to make them accesable with my Sonos. I try to scan network for folders - but nothing appeares.

I setup the device using the users guide…Why is my Shared Folders “disabled”

I got 4 forlders - and a USB (I just added) All is “disabled” - red cross-

please help :mansad:

I don’t know about setup. Since you are just  getting started make sure you don’t have all of your important files on one physical drive internal or external. To many people make this mistake and loose everything when they have a problem.


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I got all my music on a extern hd at the moment.

 All I want is to be able to acces it with my Sonos. But how do I set up the WD so I can acces the drive from around the house - no cables?

Problem solved.

I reebooted my Sonos software and was able to set up my WD. Now I can acces my music :slight_smile: