Help to set up

i just bought a new My passport WD storage unit and can’t figure out how to activate its use. Nothing came up after installing to let me choose when i want it to back up my files… Old one, different product, was pretty easy.this one, not so much. thanks.

Some more info would have helped, but see if this helps you.

  1. If you used Windows to Drag and Drop files before, you should be able to do so again. Look for a drive labeled Passport and open it and use Drag and Drop again.
  2. If you find a Folder labeled WD Backup.swstor then you can use the WD Discovery software and WD Backup which should be in Program Files (#86). If not download from downloads tab.then you can use WD Backup
  3. if you find a folder labeled WD Smartware.swstor you can use WD Discovery and WD Smartware in Program Files (#86) or download. Again download from Downloads tab.

I either case be sure to review the Help items in both programs.

I hope this helps you get started.