Help to match TV

I have TV Sharp LC-32LE320. It is connected via HDMI to a PC and SMP too.
On a computer TV is always determined by 50Hz and I manually switched to 60Hz. If forget it - freezes.
If the SMP’s resolution to set auto mode TV also freezes so they had to put the 1920x1080p at 60Hz player in the manually, then all is well.
But at the same resolution spontaneously reset to 720p x 50Hz about once a week.
Despite that I completely turn off the player. (hold power for 5 seconds)
I extracted the EDID of my TV. Here’s chunk.

Timing characteristics
  Horizontal scan range… 15-75kHz
  Vertical scan range… 55-76Hz
  Video bandwidth… 170MHz
  CVT standard… Not supported
  GTF standard… Not supported
  Additional descriptors… None
  Preferred timing… Yes
  Native/preferred timing… 1920x1080p at 50Hz (16:9)
    Modeline… “1920x1080” 148,500 1920 2448 2492 2640 1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync
  Detailed timing #1… 1360x768p at 60Hz (16:9)
    Modeline… “1360x768” 84,750 1360 1432 1568 1776 768 771 776 798 -hsync -vsync

I suspect that there is an error - “Native/preferred timing… 1920x1080p at 50Hz (16:9)”
In the TV’s manual says : 1920 x 1080p at 60Hz.

My relatives nearly as TV Sharp LC-42LE320. Exactly the same bug.
It is necessary to write a issue report?
Is it possible make changes to the SMP’s firmwarer? In order to fix it.

Thanks in advance

I don’t think I understand your question.

Your TV says its preferred mode is 1920x1080p50.

… but you’re saying that if the WD actually USES that resolution, that your TV “freezes?”

If I understood you correctly, then any issue report you should write would be with SHARP, because the WD is doing exactly what the TV is telling it to do…

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Tony, do you understand everything correctly. The Sharp tech support is very bad.
That’s why I wanted to resolve the issue on the other side.
If I understand correctly, WD will not be able to resolve the issue.
I’ll contact  Sharp on this issue.
In any case, thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.

On the latest firmware  1.12.14 very often reset from 1920x1080p/60Hz  to 720p x 50 Hz.

I want to try to switch my Streaming from PAL to NTSC. It then in auto mode will set 60Hz?

Switch to NTSC. No changes.