Help - Thumb Cache Issue

I make a habit of either deleting Metathumbs or simply changing their extensions to “Jpg.” to not rock the boat with my collection.

In my Doctor Who collection, for simplicity sake: Picture one season folder. I have the content info for all the episodes and amped up all my XML files with info I wanted (those are fine) - - I deleted the Metathumbs because I have my own jpg’s I would prefer. At the moment, the only file pairing in the folder is:

Video File



For some reason - even with the media cache cleared and turned OFF - even with the metathumbs deleted and none existend on the external hard drive - they still bloody appear.

I’ve cleared, rebooted, rescanned - everything - - - - how is it remembering image files that are no longer existent? They aren’t being drawn from the XML files… It’s incredibly frustrating.

All file names and extensions are uniform to the episodes they correspond with and all etensions are visible.

It used to be that I could access the wd_live/thumbs folder on my HDD but I’ve not seen such folders since I bought my first Mac and since I upgraded to the latest Hub. 

My remaining thought is that while I’ve cleared the media cache on the hub, I wondered if the external drive is remembering these thumbs and I can’t access the folder on a Mac computer. It feels thin, but maye someone here can shed some light for me.



It was the latter. - - - I’m still learning a thing or two about my Mac and just went into terminal and made it so I could see the hidden folders and delte the thumb cache.