HELP! 'This Site can't be reached'

Help anyone. I was using mycloud yesterday and it was fine. since i plugged it in a week ago, i haven’t shut it down or turned it off. Because we’re always in the house. Earlier today we were rushing to leave and I just pulled the power and went off. When I arrived home, i plugged it in again. When I was about to access my dashboard, the site keeps saying THIS SITE CANNOT BE REACHED. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I restarted my laptop, my Internet and pulled the power plug again. What might have happened? Also, is there a proper way to shutdown the mycloud unit? Thank you for your time.

Yes there is a proper way to shut down the My Cloud. It involves using the shutdown option from within the My Cloud Dashboard for the first gen v4.x firmware version single bay My Cloud units, or using the WD Access program on one’s computer for the second gen v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud units.

Because you restarted the My Cloud unit it may have obtained a different IP address which may be causing your inability to access the My Cloud. The workaround to this issue is to assign the My Cloud a static IP address by either assigning an IP address to the My Cloud through your router’s administration page, or by setting a Static IP address within the My Cloud Dashboard Settings Network page.

Generally one can access the My Cloud Dashboard using the following:
Windows: http://wdmycloud

More information on how to access the Dashboard can be found in the following WD Support document.

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Thank you so much sir Bennor. I will go over this file and check… Thank you again!