Help the USB Mini adapter cracked off my external hard drive

I will try to make this as detailed as possible.

I have a Western Digital My Book 500GB (Essentials 2.0 edition).

It has a power cable and a USB mini plug only.

While trying to insert the USB mini plug earlier today I encountered some resistance, which subsequently gave way as I heard a snap.  When I opened up the enclosure, I found that the usb min adapter thingie, popped off the green silicon breadboard, micro-chip thing.  I apologize for the lack of electronics vocabulary.

(]Photo 1
(]Photo 2
(]Photo 3

Anyway, I see 3 possible solutions here.

1)  I could either solder it back on (which I am not going to do).
2)  I could by another adapter peice (entire green board).
3)  Buy a a new external HD but i would lose my data.

I really want try and purchase a new adapter peice (#2) but I have no idea what to call the peice or even where to go.

I am incuding some photos and if you want I have more, just ask or PM me.


I dont see where you would be able to buy an entire ‘green board’ TBH - unless you buy a faulty drive from eBay and try swapping them over?

Your only option is to contact WD to request a fix (which they may charge you for), or try to solder it back on yourself?!

Whats the other port next to the broken one? Wouldnt you be able to just use that to at least get your data off of the drive?