Help/ suggestion to display files correctly

Background: I have over 600 movies on my external hard drive stored in 6 different genre folder … With metadata generated by thuumpgen . Using the SMP I FILTER - all & Sort by Ratings …so when I search I see the movie cover plus it list the movie how I want it to display in genre folder order ie all comedies , action etc are shown together . Issue : I dumped all my files on to a new 3tb hard drive since then even though I am filtering and sorting the same way the files display aprox 80 % correct while rest is mixed up … I tried clearing media library , factory reset nothing works . I tried using the old hard drive it’s displays correctly . If I FILTER using folder it will display correctly but that not the look I want . It’s the list whether I use mojo theme or default . Thanks

Have you tried to connect the drive to the computer and delete the wd tv folder in the new 3 TB drive?

I did but nothing changed … Thanks