Help ! Some of my data on WD my passport became corrupted!

Some of my data on WD my passport became corrupted without any obvious reason and i don’t know why ??
Some files inside my zipped folders and iso images get corrupted suddenly without any reason and i am 100% sure that these files have worked perfectly on the hard drive several times before so i don’t know what happened to cause corruption to those files. Some iso images works but during installation i get some error messages for several corrupted files whereas these iso images worked perfectly several times before without a single problem … so what’s wrong with my WD hard drive to corrupt my files !!!

I performed several common checks for my WD external hard drive which are:

1- Full virus scanning using up to date Kaspersky, bitdefender and avira antivirus ---- The result is no infection at all so i assure you that there isn’t any virus or malware problem at all

2- Quick check and complete bad sector scan using (WD official utilities) application ---- The result was no problem and no no bad sector at all

3- Standard genuine windows 7 scan disk with automatically fixing problems — The result was that it found some problems and it fixed it automatically

4- I replaced usb 3 connector and i even tried it with another laptop but i still get the same corrupted files

After all these checks the problem still persists so please help me to understand what the cause of this problem is ?? and how to prevent it from happening again ??


You may try to scan the drive with a anti-malware to see if the files were corrupted by a malware.

Also test the unit on a desktop computer using the back USB ports of that computer.

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I used kaspersky , bitdefender and avira and i found no infection at all so are they enough ??

I am thinking of replacing the hard drive as it is in the warranty … what do you think about what i should do ??