Help: Should i replace my Scorpio Black WD5000BEKT

Dear Members,

  I would like to know your suggestion and solutions to the problem i am facing. Please keep reading

  I am using Dell XPS L501 X laptop which is currently 1 year old. I mainly use my system for Mobile software development and watching movies. This also involves a  torrent activity of an avarage 15-30 GB of data download /upload a month.

The hard disk came with my system is Western Digital 5000BEKT - 75KA9T0.  There are 4 partitions out of which the last one (F:) is mainly used for torrent download/upload . I regualary copy all my movies to an external hard drive to free up sapce from my F drive. Yester day when i as doing a copy i recevied a strange error as seen below


Alarmed on seeing this error, i quickly ran the PC chekup tool came along with dell support center software which alerted me of an impeding harddisk failure

So it was clear that my hard disk had some kind of issues and i wanted to pinpoint the exact problem and i ran the chkdisk program from windows and it found bad sector on my F:  drive. I fixed the errors using the chkdisk tool .

Not satified with the same i tried downloading the Western Digital Life Guard diagnostics tool.

 Running the tool on extended test mode also found bad sectors. The tool suggested to fix the errors and when i tried to do the same i got the below error message.

Can any body give some insight to the above issue?.

Also here are my thoughts on which i would like your suggestion.

  1. Scorpio black hard disks were supposed to provide same level of performance and reliability as of PC hard disk, but just after 1 year, mine got bad sectors. I take care of my Laptop pretty well and there was no shocks or free fall incidents/electrical problems.

If you say that its because of torrent activity, then i have another pc which runs on a samsung harddisk (5 years old) which i normaly use as seeding box and still runs like a charm without any issues.

  1. Should i replace my hard disk with a new one. My assumpotion is that having bad sectors is not really a reason to replace my drive.

  2. If i were to replace , could you please suggest a model that would suit my need and usage. I am skeptical on buying WD5000BEKT again. Any suggestion about WD5000BPKT?


As per the DLG you will need to replace the unit.

However, you will need to investigate with your computer manufacturer which unit is compatible with your computer.

They don’t  make things like they used to, evidently.  I just retired  two desktop SCSI hard drives bought in 2000 (40gb) that still run fine, but are obviously obsolete.

If you look on Amazon, you’ll see that there is no HDD with a perfect 5 star reliability record.  I just replaced a Seagate 7200.4 laptop drive with a Scorpio after it got bad sectors.  I didn’t want to buy another Seagate.  The scorpio seems to have some issue with its G-sense (see elsewhere on the forum) but otherwise seems OK.

As for whether to replace it immediately, are you able to get the drive the hide the bad sectors?  With the Seagate I mentioned, the vendor tools moved some of the bad sectors to the bad sector pool, but others would show up as pending sectors and just get cleared, not bumping the bad sector count.  Then, they’d show up again and hang my computer.  (Obviously, unacceptable.)

You’re drive is probably toast, but if you can get the sectors into the bad sector pool and they don’t show up again, you can probably live comfortably with that drive until you decide to RMA or replace it.  Personally, I would RMA it because that’s the only way to ensure companies make quality products–if stuff breaks and the seller is not brought to task, you’re basically telling them it’s OK.

As far as the guy telling you to “check compatibility,” that seems unnecessary as most 2.5 HDDs are interchangeable.  Some really thick ones > 9.5mm may not fit, or some may not work well with MACs, but you have a Dell right?


Thanks, but as beyondo mentioned  i think any 2.5 harddisk can be replaced with same type.More over i would like to use a 7200 rpm disk (which the current one is) rather than a slower one to avoid any performance bottle neck. Sure will confirm with dell support.


I understand that there are no 100% reliable hard disks . But getting a new hard disk with bad sector on a well cared system within 1 year is a serious thing. That too after claiming it to be on par with desktop HDD.

As far as i see, my F drive (from which the torrent activity is going on) is the one that had got the issue. I used chkdsk utility to scan all drives and it found problem only with F:  and it showed that it had fixed the same too.

Digital Life Guard diagnostics tool which i ran later showed bad sectors on the last sectors. The tool mentioned that the errors are fixable. But while fixing it showed some other error that i mentioned above.

More over i never experianced any I/O issues with the normal working of my OS or any other application. So i guess the bad sector is confined to  F drive which may be fixable.

I used the tool Life guard too because it was mentioned that it would update the disk’s firmware on permanantly moving these bad sectors. I am planning to run the DOS version which is claimed to be better than the windows one to fix the errors. But i have no idea on how to use it.

Can any one help me on how to use the DOS version of the Life Guard tool.