Help setting up wd my cloud login

Hi i brought this wd my cloud 3tb todya off amazon.

I have imac upstairs, my router is downstairs and I connect my imac through wifi to the internet, i have connected the ethernet cable into the back of my imac.

Everytime i go to my cloud dashboard, click on “Cloud Access” 

it say’s under Cloud access status - No internet access

I have 2 user name created on the left side. 

Everytime i try to create login 

I get this error message - 

  • The web access account you requested for could not be created. Ensure that you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again. (250006)

I do not know what do to, can anyone help me??

I have imac upstairs, my router is downstairs and I connect my imac through wifi to the internet

i have connected the ethernet cable into the back of my imac.

What ethernet cable have you connected to the back of your iMac?  Have you connected your MyCloud to yout iMac?  You should connect the MyCloud to your router.

It’s quite common for enabled ethernet to disable wifi; why would you need wifi if you have a wired ethernet?  Can you access the internet at all from your iMac?

I suspect the MyCloud expects to connect to the internet via a router, not via a computer, then via a router.

I’d recommend reading pages 10 & 11 of the user manual, then skipping to p21 ‘Getting Started Without the Online Setup Installer’ to map to into your file system, and then skip to Chapter 6 thru 10, and use the Dashboard for the rest of the setup.

Once you’ve got it basically working, then go back to the stuff about TimeMachine, and loading the remote acces apps, if you want remote access.

Had the same issue and found the problem may be due to the Internet gateway/router you are using. My Cloud Remote Access employs two features on the Internet gateway and they are DNS and UPNP.

For some reason, My Cloud (and My Book LIve) are not able to use my Internet gateway as the DNS server. My Book Live will report the Internet Connection Failed. My Cloud actually displays that Internet Connection is good but is not able to synchronise the clock to NTP servers or register any accounts for Remote Access.

When I SSH into the devices and run nslookup, all name lookup fails when the internet gateway is used. So even if you have a working Internet connection, My Cloud will not be able to resolve any names to their IP addresses, affecting Remote Access.

To resolve the issue, I changed the network configuration to use static IP, and use the ISP’s DNS server address. I ran nslookup to ensure the name resolution is successful. Downside of doing this is that the Internet gateway will no longer be able to provide name resolution for these WD devices and I have to use their IP address when connecting to their web interface.

My Cloud device sends UPNP commands to the router to enable Remote Access. Each device requires two incoming ports: WD2go and WD2goSSL. Sometimes, the UPNP configuration fails or UPNP has been disabled on your router/gateway. If this is the case, you will need to manually configure Remote Access configuration to Manual and specify the WD2go and WD2goSSL ports in My Cloud and configure the Internet gateway with incoming Port Forwarding from the configured External ports to ports 80 and 443 respectively.