Help! RSS Torrents!

I have a PR4100 and I need to find a very simple to follow guide on how I can achieve this.

I don’t care if it has something to do with transmission or flexget or what ever, I’m currently on the latest firmware 2.21.126

Every single guide I have found online is close to two years old and most of those guides require additional software and versions checks with some moderate linux skill, so I’m lost as to what guide’s i should follow since I’m a noob and afraid of installing outdated software like python. Virtualenv???

Please help and thanks.

Hi there,

Lets see if another user has experienced this and can scheme on your situation.


Just wanted to say, I’m also trying to get this to work. Even with some Linux knowledge I’m note being able to do this, since firmware v2 of the Pro version doesn’t seem to be as popular as My Cloud OS v4 (that is used in previous devices (no apt-get available, for example). Hope someone can help us. Ideally with a “.bin” package to add from the Web UI :wink:

Hi All,

just bought MyCloudEX2ultra and trying to setup Transmission + RSS trackers and can’t find any suitable solution what I can use w/o deep unix knowledge.

Can somebody help and advice how to do it?

Thank you!

Same problem

have you had any luck with this issue? I’ve tried all the things previously mentioned, including that ■■■■ Chinese php script.