Help retrieving backup files

Please forgive my ignorance, in advance.  I’ve tried reading through the user manual, and although I consider myself reasonably intelligent, it’s just overload and I can’t figure out what I’m guessing is a pretty simple issue. So am sincerely hoping someone can help.

Here’s the situation:

I have a My Book for Mac that contains a complete back up of files that were once saved on my macbook. Last month my macbook died. I just took it into the Apple store and they couldn’t recover any data, and I had to buy a new hard drive, which they installed. Now I have a new blank hard drive on my macbook, and My Book which contains the files from old hard drive. 

So my question: how do I retrieve the backup files currently sitting on My Book in a way that will distribute them in accordance with where all the files should go (e.g. putting my Itunes Library where it belongs so that when I launch Itunes all my music shows up)?

My big fear is that once I install the My Book on my new hard drive, it’ll do something crazy like overwrite the My Book to backup the current (new and blank) hard drive – and I’ll lose the backup of the old hard drive. Am I the crazy one for thinking this could happen? Do I just need to install it and then will be able to follow the instructions for retrieving backed up files? 

Insights greatly appreciated (mockery humbly accepted as well, as long as its accompanied by help :slight_smile: ). THANKS!

Connecting the MB to another computer is not going to override anything so no worries with that.

Now, about retrieving your data, you’ll either have to use the same application you used to backup the files or retrieve them manually.

If you used Time Machine to backup those files then you can launch TM and restore the files from the external hard drive with that.

If you used Smartware you can run the application and do the same.

I prefer the manual method since that way I have a bit more control of what I’m doing. Just drag and drop files to the desire location on your Mac.

Once your music is on the music folder on your Mac  you can easily add them. You can follow  this article from Apple’s website.

If you need further information on how to use your drive, please read this :

How to use an external drive with your computer