HELP! Resoldered usb Now what!

I posted in a previous thread that on my 1tb Mybook essential I broke the usb port off of the board. I have had it resoldered on the board but now the computer reads it as 930 something gigs UNALLOCATED. I cant get to my data. The computer IS recognizing it as a my book mass storage device thoug,. ANY help appreciated!

The partition data may be corrupt maybe TestDisk or Easuse partition master will fix it. I haven’t used it but TestDisk is complex to use.


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I guess my biggest question is HOW? How would the data become corrupt from a short fall and the usb coming off of the board. Im pretty comfortable saying that the drive wasnt reading/writing at the time. I figured once I fixed the hardware issue (soldering it back together) it wouldnt be a problem.

If you don’t disconnect the drive properly there is always the chance of corruption.