Help required Downloader using ctorrent

I use the downloader Tool on my World Edition NAS drive, but recently I have switched from BT to SKY and now for some reason all my downloads are all queued and none will start.

I tested it against utorrent which did start to download so I am really confused why the WD download keeps queuing all my downloads.

Please help.

I really dont know anybody whos uses ctorrent.

Maybe you should just switch to transmission.

Easy way if you know not much of linux is to install it with feature packs:

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Thanks for this…will try and load it tonight.

This may be a silly question but will this allow me to download torrents?  If not any ideas how I can?


transmission is one of best torrent clients for Linux.

It should work.

jazzymood thanks very much. your a star!

ok -  not sure what has happened…but now My Book World Edition II is not discovered. Message says: “No network devices were discovered. Make sure your device is powered and connected to the LAN”.

That means I can’t use the product at all.  Below is a sreen shot if I use the desktop icon.


I’ve tried rebooting both router and HD but nothing.  Any help please.