Help Requested- I cannot install WD Discovery onto my PC

I have My Cloud Home Duo and access via WD Discovery software via a PC running on Windows 10.
My current version of WD Discovery is no longer supported so I’ve downloaded latest version, extracted the zipped files but the install process isn’t successful.
I have McAfee software but have disabled it during the download and install attempts.
I’m a basic PC user and cant find any ideas.
I have access via mobile phones and internet to the Duo but need to re establish my access via WD Discovery.
Many Thanks for any constructive advice you may be able to offer.

most programs that won’t install or are not successful will display an error message (which will assist solving what the problem is)

so, question … were there any error messages ? and if there were, what were they.

Thanks for the reply.
No error message as such, just a general comment …something along the lines of … Installation was unsuccessful we are experiencing difficulty at the moment, please try again later.
I’ve tried on numerous occasions and downloaded from different locations. The zip file is on the pc, it extracts OK and appears to execute OK right up to 100% but then I get the final message

@The_Hawk Uninstall the older version, reboot and then install the new version

Thanks for the advice. I’ve tried doing this a few times but no success in installation.