Help: remote access is currently unavailable

Hi. I just started to set up My Cloud, and so far it seems good.
We were testing it to share files. when i uploaded a file and attempted to copy the link or email, it says “Cannot Copy / Email. Remote Access is currently unavailable”
What do I do next? Thanks in advance for the assistance :slight_smile:

Have you set up remote access in the Dashboard?

See Help in the Dashboard.

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Good day! Thank you for your reply. I went through the help and tried to follow the instructions.
However, I get these pop up messages… :frowning:

The same pop up message appeared when i tried to sign up an email for the user…

i’ve tried restarting my laptop, the my cloud unit and my router as well. :frowning:

What My Cloud unit/model do you have and what firmware version is it running? The screen shots you posted do not look like (color wise) the current single bay/single drive My Cloud Dashboard. The current My Cloud Dashboard has a white or light colored background as indicated by cat0w’s screen shots above.

If you are not running the current firmware, update your firmware. Remote access is broken with older firmware.

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Hi sir, i saw your message and checked my dashboard… yes i noticed also that it is different. thank you for pointing that one out. I updated my firmware (i forgot the version) but it turned my dashboard into white :smiley :smiley: also, i was able to sign up my email. i haven’t tried to connect remotely and access the files, my friends are still downloading the desktop and mobile app :slight_smile: i will keep you posted. thank you again to both replies.