[help]Red lights

encountered a power cut in my area, when the power came back on my nas drive was showing solid blue power and 2 solid red lines for each of the drives. however 1 of my drives were degrading so i loaded up the login page to acess the dashboard and a message appeared saying

after doing a hard reset (40sec reset) both drives showed as red lights so i thought maybe they are both degraded and needing replaced so i ordered 2 new drives which came today, plugged them into my nas drive and 2 red lights are still showing so i thought maybe its because there is no raid setup for them and i need to rebuild it so i loaded up my dashboard and i got this message

so i took both the drives out and tried plugging them in 1 by 1, and got the same thing. so i took them both out again, done a hard reset then plugged them in when it displayed the message. but still nothing

took them out again and plugged in a spare 512gb samsung ssd drive i have laying around and worked just fine. so i put the drive into hibernate and put in 1 of the new drives into the drive 2 slot, and it was showing bad in the disc status. so i ran a quick diagnostics and once it had finished i logged back in to check the drive status again, now its showing good and its all fine so i tried it again with the other drive which went sucessfully. so i thought ok cool they are bothing in a good state so i put them both in together again and the nas doesnt detect them and displays the same message again

so i removed them yet again and plugged them into my pc. and ran the diagnostics tool and passed with no errors. ive tried connacting the support team and currently waiting for a reply, to try speed it the waiting as ill most likely not get a reply until monday now i thought i would try here.

can anyone help me :’(

thanks for the help… NOT