Help recovering NAS Drive data

I am really desperate for help please!!!

I had a WD My Cloud NAS drive (the older white one). The casing crashed - so removed hard drive - it is still good, and still shows that it has tons of data on it. I tried my data recovery software - with no luck - it is finding some files, but it is a bit of a disaster.

Needed to upgrade anyways so I got the My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Thought I could put this drive into one of the bays … and well nope. So then I figured out I could plug the drive into the USB ports on the back of the EX 2. This is good - it sees everything - and sees all of my folders, and shows that it is full of data. But - many of the shares are showing as ZERO data - when I know that there is a ton in each folder. When I try to access some stuff though it says I don’t have permission. I made the login to the EX2 the same as the admin log in for the My Cloud but I am wondering if there is something else that I might be doing wrong that if fixed I can get the rest of my data so that I can copy it to my new drives.

I have lost so so much data and I am so desperate to get it back - even just some of it. Please help if you can - desperate teacher here.


We are sorry to hear about your experience, We would like to inform you that WD does not provide any data recovery services. However you can contact our preferred data recovery partners.

@mwcommtech Please help me to create support case by using the below link

Also, please make sure to attach the My Cloud System Logs to the case.