HELP - problem in syncing directories via FTP on WD my cloud

i am trying with different ftp client that support directories sync.

after a while the remote ftp server (WD my cloud 2 TB) closes the connection aborting the process.

ftp in Passive and it runs in downloading also big files.

it crashes in obtaing a lot of dir lists.

thank you in advance for your support.

What I’ll suggest doesn’t work exactly as you would like it, but I prefer using rsync over ssh instead of ftp. Rsync can synchronize your files and folders using different criteria - chsum, file size and date… You can use it on several platofrms - for example on windows you can use mobaxterm which already has it included…

thank you,

i need to sync directories over internet, the pc aren’t in the same network.

is possible via ssh?

Sorry for the late reply. Of course you can - you should only supply the address to ssh or rsync… For example I use rsync with the following options (-e "ssh -p " part is needed only if you use non-standard ssh port):
rsync -zavc --modify-window=2 -e "ssh -p " @:

You can also set the passwordless login via ssh, using a publik key if you are using a personal pc.